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“Bernardin” Conference Hall

“Bernardin” Conference Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment suitable for simultaneous interpreting into 2 languages, video sequence, ambient sound which enables interactive informing of all participants of the event. A spacious hall is suitable for international-level conferences, meetings, corporate events and includes the following multimedia systems:

  • digital audio conference system, with equipment for simultaneous interpreting + base station with wireless language channel allocation to 100 IR extenders;
  • professional sound amplification system with a wide selection of microphones, stage monitoring and the possibility of multi-channel audio recording;
  • visual information display system ensuring broadcasting the visual information on the video wall, content management from the speaker’s stand or from the audience and the possibility to connect own content sources of the reporters.
80-100 person(s)
Hall area
116 m2
First floor
Seating arrangement and capacity
100 person(s)
40 person(s)
30 person(s)
30 person(s)
30 person(s)
letter U
45 person(s)
Around the table
30 person(s)
Photo and video shooting
Guest card
Early booking
Offer for newlyweds

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