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Photo and video shooting

    We perfectly understand how important is to save the memories and the smallest details about the most valuable and touching events in your life: a wedding celebration, a romantic date, a birthday party or a long-awaited meeting with relatives and friends! “Hotel Monastyrski” in the heart of Minsk with a unique history will be glad to offer you its interiors for photo and video shooting.

    5 reasons to choose us:

        1. The unique atmosphere of the monastery

        2. Massive handmade wooden furniture, forged iron chandeliers, arched ceilings of the corridors

        3. Location on the oldest street of the Upper city in the very center of Minsk

        4. The possibility of wedding registration with festive decoration in the hotel's own courtyards

        5. Attentiveness to your wishes

• When photo and video shooting in the hotel building, as well as in the surrounding territory (hotel courtyards) for more than 4 hours, a DISCOUNT IS PROVIDED (except for wedding photo and video shooting).

• When holding a wedding in the restaurant “Stary Dom” of the «Hotel Monastyrski», the interiors and the surrounding area (hotel courtyards) are provided FREE OF CHARGE for photo and video shooting!

Detailed information about the cost and provision of interiors / surrounding territory (hotel courtyards) can be obtained from specialists:

Marketing department

Phone: +375 17 329 03 04


Life is not music - it can’t be paused, but you can capture a memorable event on a color photo…

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