• Schedule: Mon-Fri 8.00—21.00, Sat-Sun 10.00—17.00
  • Address: Kirilla & Mefodya Str. 6
  • Phone: (017) 329 03 30, (029) 193-22-70

Gym has a wide array of exercise equipment. All sport equipment is divided into cardio equipment, that help to increase endurance, and force equipment, that helps to increase force. Trainings in cardio zone can strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, and also will help to reduce the excess weight. Force training influences on separate muscle or a group of muscles.

You can train in a pleasant and calm atmosphere of our gym. The ideal variant of the force training is individual training with fitness coach, who will explain the rules of exercises, teach to use right sport techniques and give useful recommendations. Our sport coaches are real professionals in bodybuilding.