• Schedule: Mo-Fr 8.00—21.00, Sa-So 10.00—21.00
  • Address: Kirilla & Mefodya Str. 6
  • Phone: (017) 329 03 30, (029) 193-22-70

Massage services which now you can get in the hotel complex "Monastyrski" are presented to your attention.

The types of massage provided in our massage room:

  • General (improving) massage is a classical technique where hands mass all surface of a body and all groups of muscles are warmed up. It is massage for the people having regular physical or intellectual activity.
  • Cosmetic (anti-cellulite) massage is the massage using methods of impact on surface fabrics (skin and hypodermic and fatty cellulose) for the purpose of improvement of an esthetic type of skin.
  • Fitness forming massage is the certain massage techniques combining sports massage, individual physical exercises and elements of respiratory gymnastics. These methods influence hypodermic and fatty cellulose, promote its reduction due to removal of excess liquid. Strengthening of blood circulation and increase in quantity of hormones stimulate release of fat from a cage in blood.
  • Lymphatic drainage is the technique based on soft methods of superficial impact on a lymph flow for the purpose of reduction of consequences of a hypodynamia and increase of protective functions of an organism (very soft massage).
  • Sports massage is a set of the massage receptions directed on preparation for sports occupations and restoration after physical activities where all groups of muscles are beeing warmed up well.

Price-list of massage

Type of massageService cost (half an hour), BYNConsumption of materials , BYNTotal service cost (half an hour), BYNService cost (1 hour), BYNTotal service cost (1 hour), BYN
General (improving) 17,50 3-4 21,50 35 39
Cosmetic 17,50 3-4 21,50 35 39
Fitness forming 17,50 3-4 21,50 35 39
Lymphatic drainage 17,50 3-4 21,50 35 39
Sports massage 17,50 3-4 21,50 35 39

* The consumption of materials is paid in addition;
* The discount for expendables doesn't extend.

  • Massage is carried out on preliminary record. It is possible to register by phone: (029) 193-22-79; (017) 329-03-30.
  • The system of discounts works! Massage for 30 BYN per 1 hour.